Company Values

Company Values

Our Company is built on core values and we conduct business in a socially responsible and ethical manner. At Stellar Environmental Solutions, we value:


Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Quality, Safety

Teamwork – partnering to achieve common goals

We have an unwavering commitment to being a good partner focused on building productive, collaborative, trusting and mutually advantageous relationships with our clients and colleagues.


Respect – recognizing the uniqueness of each individual.

We learn from and respect all the people we work with. We value and demonstrate respect for the uniqueness of individuals and the perspectives and the talents they provide. We have an inclusive work environment and actively embrace diversity in people, ideas, talents and experiences.


Integrity – keeping our commitments.

We do what we say we will do. We are honest with others and ourselves. We meet the highest ethical standards in all business dealings. We accept responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for our work and our actions. We strive to earn the trust of our colleagues and partners.


Quality – meeting and exceeding internal and external expectations.

We are committed to providing quality services and products. Quality is viewed from two perspectives: the actual production of quality work and the perception by clients that a quality product has been produced. Substance and perception are of equal value. We desire quality in all activities, projects, business development and administration. Our drive for quality is passionate and continuous.


Safety – protecting people and the environment.

We promote workplace safety and environmental preservation. Through training and practice, we regard safety as paramount and are encouraged to think, act and behave in an environmentally responsible manner.