Regulatory Closure Strategy, Planning and Assessments Projects

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Regulatory Closure Strategy, Planning and Assessments Projects

Public & Private Sector Clients

Throughout California


Stellar Environmental Solutions key objective for all projects is to achieve regulatory site closure and minimize environmental liability for our clients. The foundation of all environmental work, on regulatory listed or unlisted sites, is the governing environmental regulations. These include federal, state and local laws, compliance requirements, policies and guidance. Very few sites have definitive requirements, and the ability of the consultant to determine the most cost-effective and beneficial approach for minimizing or alleviating the environmental risks through interpretation of the regulations and access to the regulators is critical. We have developed a forte in doing this for our clients. For listed sites, negotiations with the regulators is essential to achieving the project objectives without unnecessary investigations and remediation that can sometimes be requested by regulators. Stellar Environmental’s knowledge of the regulations and regulators and their trust in our approach often translates into accelerated schedules and reduction in project cost.

Key Project Elements

  • Understanding the Regulatory Requirements, Policies and Guidance
  • Developing a Roadmap to Regulatory Site Closure
  • Negotiations with regulators to develop cleanup goals
  • Minimizing Client's Risk and Liability
  • Cost to Closure Estimations