Corrective Action Design and Implementation Projects

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Corrective Action Design and Implementation Projects

Public & Private Sector Clients

Throughout California


We have implemented dozens of small- and large-scale soil and groundwater remediation projects to achieve Regulatory Site Closure. From project inception Stellar Environmental focuses on developing a roadmap to regulatory closure, with our remediation design and implementation objectives being informed by our client’s objectives and needs. We have Remediation successfully applied have included techniques utilized by Stellal Environmental have included:Removing underground storage tanks and associated contaminated soil (by excavation); Excavation of near-surface soils to remediate metals contamination; Groundwater Treatment including Short-term groundwater pumping (to remove floating product and highly-contaminated groundwater) and long term treatment systems; In situ corrective actions, including: bioventing; soil vapor extraction (SVE); injecting bioremediation products to enhance natural degradation mechanisms through biological degradation, chemical oxidation; and electrochemical kinetics; and Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) in conjunction with Risk-Based Corrective Action.  Our core objective is to achieve regulatory closure in the most time- and cost-effective manner, while being responsive to specific client needs.  Stellar Environmental also provides suporting planning and corrective action monitoring services such as pre-profiling for landfill acceptance for projects with net exports, hazardous waste management plans, spill and contingency plans, pollution prevention plans, dewatering plans, surface water pollution prevention plans, post remediation monitorng plans and operations and maintanance plans.

Key Project Elements

  • Fuel and Other UST Removal and Closure
  • Dry Cleaners Remediation
  • Facility Closure and Redevelopment Remedation
  • Constuction Related Dewatering and Treatment
  • HMM, SWPPP, SPCC, and O&M Plans