Soil Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Remediation Projects

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Soil Vapor Intrusion Assessment and Remediation Projects

Public & Private Sector Clients

Northern California


Vapor intrusion by volatile orgainc compounds (VOCs) has evolved as a significnat regultory and liability concern at properties where VOCs may esist in the soil and/or groundwater. Stellar Environmental has completed dozens of evaluations of such conditons on beahlf of both publcic and private sector clients. We have performed soil vapor testing, indoor air sampling, risk modeling, regultory assessment and designed sub slab depressurization rededies where needed.  Building that overlay local or regiional VOC plumes can be sources of concern for vapor intrusion. Dry cleaner establishments have been a common source of VOC cleanup actions and Stellar Envionemnal has completed dozens of dry cleaner vapor intrusion evaluations and corrective action to achieve regultory site closure.

Key Project Elements

  • Regulatory Considerations Assessment
  • Soil Gas Investigations
  • Indoor Air Monitoring Studies
  • Indoor Air Risk Assessments
  • Sub-slab Depressurization and Vapor Extraction Systems
  • Dry¬†Cleaner and other VOC Plume Corrective Action to Achieve Regultory Closure