Stellar Environmental Solutions offers a full range of environmental investigation and hazardous waste management services—from planning through assessment, engineering design, and implementation of applicable remedial strategies for cleanup of contaminated sites. The following sections outline our capabilities and services offered.

Stellar Environmental provides Phase I (due –diligence Environmental Site Assessments), Phase II (Site Characterization Stage), and Phase III (Feasibility Studies through Site Remediation ) services. The Stellar team of environmental professionals includes Professional Engineers, Professional Geologists and  Registered Environmental Assessors. Our Phase I reports follow the appropriate ASTM standards and are accepted by most lending institutions in the State of California. The environmental professionals all have  appropriate current updates  of their Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Training (HAZWOPER). Our environmental professionals provide a balanced and innovative approach to solving the client’s environmental compliance issues or concerns  by combining technical excellence, strong knowledge of environmental regulatory requirements, and attention to our client’s budget and objectives to provide the most cost effective and efficient outcome

Subsurface explorations of soil and groundwater contamination use the same general techniques as engineering investigations. The samples are analyzed at state-certified laboratories to achieve accurate results on a timely basis.

Stellar Environmental completes a site conceptual model to explain the contamination distribution  at each site and determines the most feasible manner to conduct any required corrective action to meet the clients expectations and regulatory site closure. We  design remediation measures, participate in permitting, provide  observation services during installation of remedial measures, install and collect data from monitoring device, and prepares monitoring and compliance reports. Asbestos, lead, radon, and mold related tasks are subcontracted to outside consultants.

Hazardous Waste Management Planning

We offer assistance in all phases of environmental regulatory compliance—including audits, regulatory interpretation and analysis, and compliance strategy planning, as well as compliance training and implementation of recommendations. We are experienced in the performance of multi-media, single-media (e.g., hazardous waste), or operation-specific (emergency response planning) audits, and can assist in the development of hazardous waste management plans, spill and contingency plans, and pollution prevention plans.

Regulatory Compliance and Negotiations

Because most sites lack definitive regulatory requirements, interpretation of environmental regulations is critical to determining the most cost-effective and beneficial approach to minimizing or alleviating environmental risks. Negotiation with the regulators is also essential to achieving project objectives. Our proficiency with environmental regulations (Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act + Amendments, RCRA SARA Title III, FIFRA, TSCA, local UST regulations, and NPDES permits)—as well as the regulators’ trust in our approach—often translates into accelerated schedules and reduction in project cost.

Property Transfers

Stellar Environmental Solutions staff have over 30 years of combined experience with completing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), and implementing “due diligence” requirements for real property (lending, transfer, and tenancies). We have performed over 100 property transfer assessments throughout Northern California, and are on many financial lending institutions’ approved consultants list. Our Phase I ESAs provide timely, professional assessments of the environmental condition of real property assets at competitive lump sum prices.

Site Investigations

Our comprehensive subsurface site investigations include the following components:

  • Determining the presence of chemical contaminants;
  • Defining the nature and range of chemical concentrations;
  • Identifying the affected media and establishing extent and volume of affected material;
  • Describing the hydrogeologic setting as well as contaminant transport mechanisms;
  • Supporting selection of site-specific applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements or maximum allowable contaminant concentrations; and
  • Providing information necessary to support evaluation of remedial options during the feasibility study phase.

Specific services include drilling boreholes, installing monitoring wells, sampling soil and groundwater, conducting analytical testing of soil and groundwater, and analyzing surface water migration.

Feasibility Studies/Technology Evaluation

We perform feasibility studies and evaluations of possible soil, groundwater, and/or surface water cleanup techniques based on the nature and extent of contaminants present, and potential or existing threats to public health or the environment, serving to identify, evaluate, and select the most cost-effective and environmentally appropriate remedial action(s) for site restoration.

Remediation Design/Implementation

Our remedial design process includes:

  • Bench-scale or pilot testing;
  • Process flow diagrams;
  • Process equipment schematics and descriptions;
  • Site plan with equipment layout;
  • Equipment and construction specifications;
  • Estimated capital, operating, and maintenance costs; and
  • Proposed design and construction schedule.

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Management

We apply high-quality project management and technical expertise in engineering and environmental/earth sciences to our underground and aboveground storage tank projects. Services include:

  • Preparation of state regulatory tank registration and permit documents, UST removals and replacements;
  • Cost-effective assessments of tank facilities;
  • Tank integrity testing and evaluation of testing methods;
  • Assessment of tank corrosion control measures;
  • Leak detection surveys, and computer modeling of groundwater contaminant transport;
  • Installation of subsurface leak detection equipment and assessment of newly emerging detection technology;
  • Assessment of risks associated with UST spills;
  • Development of cost-effective and technically feasible cleanup criteria;
  • Negotiation of cleanup levels with regulatory agencies;
  • Assessment of alternative cleanup methodologies and product recovery techniques;
  • Development of cleanup work plans; and
  • Management of tank removal, cleanup, disposal, and replacement.

Additional Services

Environmental Impacts Report (CEQA) Support

We offer in-house expertise in completing EIR and EIS setting, impact, and mitigation measure sections in the technical areas of geology/soils/seismicity, water quality, surface hydrology and groundwater, hazardous waste, risk of upset, and other component issues addressed by such documentation. We have provided NOP response, public scoping support, and community relations support.

Legal Support

We offer a broad range of legal support services, ranging from third party review and Phase I ESAs through providing expert witness testimony and technical support for negotiated settlements or litigation.

Asbestos and Lead-based Paint Consulting Services

Stellar Environmental Solutions can provide asbestos and lead-based paint consulting, engineering, and industrial hygiene services through our quality subcontractors. Our client base includes municipal and other government agencies, universities and school districts, Fortune 500 companies, financial and banking institutions, real estate development and management firms, hospitals, and industrial clients.